Thirty8 Digital | Digital Strategy


This CD contains worksheets and other resources to support the Thirty8 Digital digital strategy course.

How to access the resources

The best way to access the resources is to click the resources link above and then follow the links on that page. This requires you to be online and will open a new tab in your browser with the resource you have selected.

If you're not online, you can open the CD on your computer and browse to the "resources" folder you'll find there and access the PDF's directly.

The first option is much preferred - these resources will be actively updated and edited, whereas the ones on this CD will obviously stay the same...


Please note that the resources are provided under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (Attribution, NonCommerical-ShareAlike) license. You are free to: adapt, share, distribute, remix..under these conditions:

  • you must attribute the work to Thirty8 Digital
  • you can't use them for anything commercial
  • if you re-distribute it, it has to retain this original license